Creative Paths Counselling & Supervision Practice
Creative Paths provides the opportunity for Change, Healing and Balance
Training & Facilitation 


This training is for practitioners working in the field of counselling, psychotherapy or psychology who have completed core training in these disciplines to diploma or degree level and who are interested in adding to their skills through a training in a creative form of psychotherapy.

This one year course is rooted in the philosophy of its originator, Dora Maria Kalff, in the psychology of Carl G. Jung with the added dimension of The Humanistic Client Centred Approach. The training is primarily experiential, the focus of the course being the experience of the Sand Therapy Process, emphasizing the spontaneous and dynamic qualities of the creative experience.

The experiential nature of the training dictates the method of delivery of the course which  may be experienced on a one to one basis by arrangement, and/or in small group.  
Trainees will be introduced to the core concepts of Jungian Sand Therapy, a review of Dora Kalff’s theoretical framework, and an overview of Sand Therapy theory and literature.  Successful completion of the course  carries a recognised qualification with the opportunity for accreditation. However the greater emphasis of the training is focused towards the participant developing the skills to engage in a  deeper,  more advanced empathetic therapist /client relationship.


This training workshop will introduce practitioners to the Creative Art Of Jungian Sand Therapy. It is a participative, experiential, small group, workshop particularly suitable for integrating with core training courses in counselling, psychotherapy, supervision and spiritual direction.  Participants will be introduced to the history and development of Jungian Sand Therapy as a therapeutic technique and the significance of symbolism as a therapeutic tool.  Participants will also have the opportunity to experience the witnessing and making of a sand tray.


This is a course in spiritual and personal enrichment comprising of a series of six workshops.  The focus of the course is to facilitate the participant to develop a deeper understanding about spiritual growth and personal development.  The topics for exploration and reflection are:

1) Spirituality: What is Spirituality?                
2) Listening Skills: Listening with The Heart 
3) Open Communication: Image of God           
4) Awareness: Perception and Interpretation            
5) Prayer: Prayer and Meditation--Slowing Down  
6) Paradox: Understanding Staying with Tension--Identifying Graced Moments in Our Lives

Further Detailed Information About Sand Therapy Training/Workshops and Spirituality Workshops Available On Request