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What is Jungian Sand Therapy?
Sand Therapy Is A Creative Form Of Psychotherapy Used Successfully Worldwide By Therapists In Their 
Therapeutic Work With Adults, Couples, Adolescence, Children And Families

It is a therapeutic technique and the process of sand therapy involves the use of one or two trays of sand, one wet, one dry, and any number of small objects from categories including, people, vehicles, animals, buildings, vegetation, structures,  shells, stones, sticks, feathers, symbolic objects, natural objects.  
In fact the figures or miniatures, as they are called are representative of all aspects of daily life.

These Miniatures Are Usually Displayed On Shelves, 
Are Easily Assessable To The Client And Referred To As The “The Therapist’s Collection”

In the one to one therapeutic relationship the figures are selected by the client and used to create a picture in the sandtray.   The picture created in the sand is an expression of the client’s own story.   This form of therapy is a profound tool for self- discovery which allows the sub-conscious to reveal that which is hidden.   A critical feature of engaging with sand therapy is that it offers the client the opportunity to express themselves non-verbally,  and to communicate visually that which may be too painful to put into words.  Sand therapy allows the deeper aspects of the psyche to be worked with naturally and in safety in the  therapeutic environment and is highly effective in reducing the emotional causes behind challenging behaviour.

Parent Child Relationship Therapy 

This Is A Therapeutic Programme Designed To Provide An Avenue Towards Open Communication Between Parent And Child.  

Good communication skills are essential in all relationships and most especially in the parent child relationship.  Children express their feelings and their experience of their daily lives through their play.  In the supervised environment of the therapeutic relationship, using the sand and miniatures as the medium of contact this programme is designed specifically to empower parent and child to discover the skills of open respectful communication, there-by providing tools for understanding the feelings and emotions behind difficult challenging behaviour.